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Exams and assessment

Exams and Assessment

In the course of your studies, you will complete various types of written assessment, presentations, and oral exams. The following information is intended to give you an idea of the formal requirements.

Submitting Essays and Theses

Since summer semester 2012 the Institute of Philosophy employs plagiarism recognition software. It is therefore necessary to submit a statement with your written work, indicating that your work is your own, and consenting to the use of this software to check your writing. In addition, all written work must be submitted in two forms: as a paper copy, with a cover sheet, and as an anonymised PDF Document

Oral Exams (Mündliche Prüfungen)

An oral exam consists of a 20-30 minute discussion (depending on your specific course of study). As well as you and the examiner, a third person will be in attendance, to document the exam. Normally, the examiner will make arrangements for this.

The content of the exam (topics covered, focus, authors, texts, etc.) will be determined between you and the examiner before the exam. Sometimes the examiner will require a thesis paper - but whether this is needed, and what form it should take, will be determined by the individual examiner.

Normally, an oral exam takes place in the examiner's office. Please show up at the exact time indicated by your examiner - the c.t. rule does not apply here. In order to take an oral exam, you need to register with the examinations office (Prüfungsamt). The grade is communicated directly by the examiner to the examinations office.

Other useful websites

The ZQS offers one-on-one writing assistance for students in both English and German, and a variety of academic writing workshops.
Here, you can find details about exams for each course of study - requirements, exam dates, how to register, and any forms you might need.
Contact information for the examination office (akademisches Prüfungsamt).

Contact for general questions about assessment

Dr. Mark Feuerle
Accreditation Officers
Dr. Mark Feuerle
Accreditation Officers