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Institut empfängt Preisträgerin des Humboldt-Forschungspreises Prof. Dr. Rebecca Kukla im Jahr 2020/21

The Institute will host Humboldt Research Award winner Rebecca Kukla in 2020/21

The Institute is very pleased to announce that Rebecca Kukla will be joining us as a guest professor from May - July 2020, and March - December 2021, after being granted a Humboldt Research Award. She will be hosted by Mathias Frisch.

Professor Rebecca Kukla is internationally known for her outstanding work in social epistemology, bioethics, and the philosophy of the applied sciences, integrating traditional core themes in analytic philosophy with issues of high socio-political importance. During her stay, she will further develop her work on cartography, geographic information systems, and the visual representation of data, and will continue her research on linguistic pragmatics and socially potent speech.