Model Transfer and its Challenges in Science: The Case of Economics

'Model Transfer and its Challenges in Science: The Case of Economics' is a five-year project, funded by an ERC Starting Grant from the European Research Council (duration: 04/2023-03/2028 with grant no. 101043071). It will provide a comprehensive philosophical investigation of the phenomenon of model transfer, its challenges, and its implications for scientific progress by combining approaches from philosophy and the history of science with computational methods that are themselves new to philosophy. The project concentrates on economics as an exemplary case that offers insights for the social and natural sciences at large, particularly focusing on three case studies: (a) psychological models transferred into behavioral economics (esp. models of addiction and of social preferences), (b) models transferred from computer science into macroeconomics (esp. macroeconomic agent-based models), and (c) models transferred from mathematics into microeconomics (esp. rational choice models). The project is currently hosted by the Leibniz University of Hannover under the direction of Prof. Dr. Catherine Herfeld (Institute of Philosophy). Team members include Dr. Edoardo Peruzzi and Murat Bakeev.