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Leibniz Lectures 2016

Professor Brandon C. Look: "Wozu noch Leibniz?"

14-16 June, 6:15pm – 8pm, Lecture Theatre at the Historical Museum of Hannover

Flyer [German]

What is the contemporary relevance of Leibnizian philosophy? This will be the topic of the 2016 Leibniz Lectures, given by Professor Brandon C. Look, one of the most internationally-renowned experts on the philosophy of Gottfried Wilhelm Lebniz. The title for this lecture series is “Wozu noch Leibniz?”. Look will give three lectures, on the topics of nature, freedom, and justice.

Brandon C. Look is the university research director and the director of the department of philosophy at the University of Kentucky.

These lectures will be conducted in German.

About the Leibniz Lectures

The Leibniz lectures have taken place annually in Hannover since 1998. Originally organized by the former Centre for the Philosophy and Ethics of Science, they are now coordinated by the Institute of Philosophy at the Leibniz University Hannover. Each year, an internationally-renowned philosopher gives three consecutive presentations on a topic at the cutting edge of contemporary scholarship. These lectures are open to the general public and avoid philosophical jargon as much as possible. 2016 is the first year in which the philosophy of Leibniz himself will be the focus of the lectures, in honour of the 300th anniversary of Leibniz's death. The 2016 Leibniz Lectures are presented in cooperation with the Historical Museum of Hannover.