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Science - Big Questions Revisited

Symposion on Occasion of the Farewell of Paul Hoyningen-Huene from Hannover

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Friday, 18th of July 2014, 1.00 – 6.00 p.m.
Leibniz-Haus, Holzmarkt 4-6, 30159 Hannover

After 17 years, Paul Hoyningen-Huene will retire from Leibniz Universität Hannover at the end of the summer term 2014—as head of the Center for Philosophy and Ethics of Science (ZEWW) (since 1997) and as founding Director of the reorganized Institute of Philosophy. 

In addition to his works on philosophical logic and ethics of science, Hoyningen-Huene is best known for his contributions to general and special philosophy of science. His work on Thomas Kuhn has set international standards and his most recent book, Systematicity: The Nature of Science (Oxford University Press, 2013), presents an innovative approach to current and fundamental issues regarding our understanding of science.

In his honor, the Institute of Philosophy has organized an international symposium titled Science - Big Questions Revisited, with outstanding philosophers of science in attendance. The symposium will take place on Friday 18th July, 2014, at the Leibniz House (Am Holzmarkt 4-6, Hannover). Speakers include: 

The symposion is public. All talks will be held in English.

Admission is free.

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Host :

Institute of Philosophy
Center for Philosophy and Ethics of Science (ZEWW)
Leibniz Universitaet Hannover
Im Moore 21
30167 Hannover


Helmut Heit (TU Berlin), Simon Lohse (LUH), Thomas Reydon (LUH)
& Markus Scholz (FH Wien)

Organizer / Contact:

Helmut Heit & Simon Lohse