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Tips for Study

Statement for written work

Since summer semester 2012, the institute of philosophy has used plagiarism-detection software. Therefore, when submitting written work the following statement should be attached, which outlines the responsibilities of students to work independently, and contains a statement of the student's agreement that their work can be checked using the software. In addition, two copies of all written work must be submitted: a paper version with a cover sheet, and an anonymised PDF document.

Help with preparation of theses and seminar work

A short guide to planning and preparation of essays and exam work has been developed in consultation with staff at the institute of philosophy. It contains important information on issues such as topic selection, structuring, reasoning, style, and usage and citation of sources. The book is entitled Zehn Gebote für das philosophische Schreiben [Ten Commandments for Philosophical Writing], and is recommended for students who seek guidance in the preparation of their work at any stage of their education.

Oral examinations (Mündliche Prüfungen)

An oral examination (mündliche Prüfung) consists of a verbal discussion with your examiner for about 20-30 minutes (depending on the course requirements). In addition to the examiner, a note-taker will also be present, to document the examination. Arrangements for the note-taker will generally be made by your examiner.

The content of the examination (the focus, topics, authors and texts covered, etc.) will be arranged in advance of the examination between you and your examiner. Sometimes a short thesis paper will be required in advance of the examination, whether this is necessary and, if so, what form it should take, will depend on your examiner.

The examination usually takes place in your examiner’s office. The examination will begin promptly at the scheduled time (i.e. no cum tempore arrangement applies here). Generally, you must register to take an oral examination online, your grade will also be posted by the examiner online.