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Donal Khosrowi, M.A.

M. A. Donal Khosrowi

Photo von Donal Khosrowi Photo von Donal Khosrowi
M. A. Donal Khosrowi
Office hours
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Im Moore 21
30167 Hannover
Photo von Donal Khosrowi Photo von Donal Khosrowi
M. A. Donal Khosrowi
Office hours
nach Vereinbarung per Email
Im Moore 21
30167 Hannover
Research Staff
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Donal Khosrowi has a PhD in philosophy from Durham University (UK) (supervisors: Nancy Cartwright, Wendy Parker, and Julian Reiss). In his doctoral research he has critically engaged with Evidence-Based Policy, focusing on problems of extrapolation, i.e. using evidence of the effects of a policy from study population A to draw a reliable inference about the effectiveness of that policy in a novel target population B, especially when A and B differ in important ways. Before his PhD, he has obtained a BA and MA in ‘Philosophy & Economics’ from the University of Bayreuth.

Since October 2019, he works as a postdoctoral researcher at the chair of theoretical philosophy (Prof Frisch). His research has focused on:

1) General philosophy of science; especially concerning models, simulations, and experiments and what kinds of features make these tools epistemically useful.

2) Philosophy of social science; especially focusing on the question of what role non-epistemic moral and political values may and should play in formulating methodologies.

3) Philosophy of economics; especially focusing on causal inference from experimental and quasi-experimental data and how causal inference can be improved by integrating diverse kinds of evidence (e.g. qualitative and quantitative).


  • Causal inference in social science
  • Values in science
  • Bias and Value-ladenness in AI
  • Epistemology and methodology of AI research
  • Extrapolation of causal effects
  • Scientific representation
  • Publications

    Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals


    “Trade-offs Between Epistemic and Moral Values in Evidence-Based Policy”, Economics & Philosophy, 35(1), 49-78.



    “Extrapolation in Econometrics – Hopes, Assumptions, and the Extrapolator’s Circle”, The Journal of Economic Methodology, 28(1), 45-58.



    ​“Getting Serious about Shared Features” The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science.


  • Talks
    “When Mechanisms Sleep”, departmental research seminar, Leibniz Universität Hannover, 17 December 2019.
    ​“When Mechanisms Sleep”, Irish Philosophical Society Annual Conference, University College Cork, 6-7 December 2019. 
    ​“What’s (successful) extrapolation?”, Symposium on “Methodology of extrapolation and external validity: theoretical and practical appraisals in economics” w/ Judith Favereau, Maria Jiminez-Buedo, Michiru Nagatsu, Luis Moreles-Flores, Federica Russo, Sofia Blanco Sequeiros, INEM 2019, Helsinki, Finland, 19-21 August 2019.
    ​“What’s (successful) extrapolation?”, BSPS2019, Durham University, July 17-19 2019.
    ​“Idle Causes, Idle Inferences”, Economic Behaviours: Models, Measurements, and Policies, Lake Como School of Advanced Studies, June 30- July 5, 2019
    ​“Evidence-Based Policy and Its Hidden Costs of Justice” (w/Julian Reiss, Durham) PSA2018, Biennal Meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association, Seattle, Washington, 1-4 November 2018.
    ​Symposium: “External Validity: What is it and how do we get it?” with Maria Jiminez-Buedo (UNED), Michiru Nagatsu (TINT), and Federica Russo (UVA), SPSP 2018, Ghent, Belgium, 29 June – 2 July 2018.
    ​“Getting Serious about Shared Features”, Models and Simulations 8, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC, USA, 15-17 March 2018.
    ​“A Challenge for Value-Freedom and –Neutrality in Evidence-Based Policy”, DGPhil 2017 XXIV. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Philosophie, Berlin, Germany, 24-27 September 2017.
    ​“Getting Serious about Shared Features”, EPSA17, Exeter, UK, 6-9 September 2017.
    "Putting Rigor Back into Pragmatic trials" (w/Sarah Wieten, Stanford), EPSA17, Exeter, UK, 6-9 September 2017.
    ​“Extrapolation of Causal Effects – Hopes, Assumptions and the Extrapolator’s Circle”, INEM 2017, San Sebastián, Spain, 28-30 August 2017.
    “Value-Freedom and –Neutrality in Evidence-Based Policy”, YSI Young Scholars Initiative Workshop, San Sebastián, Spain, 27 August 2017.
    ​“Putting Rigor back into Pragmatic Trials” (w/Sarah Wieten, Stanford), NNPS Fifth Annual Meeting of the Nordic Network for Philosophy of Science, Copenhagen, Denmark, 20-21 April 2017.

    ​“Trade-offs Between Epistemic and Moral Values in Evidence-Based Policy”, PSA2016, Biennal Meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association, Atlanta, Georgia, 3-5 November 2016.

    ​“Trade-offs Between Epistemic and Moral Values in Evidence-Based Policy”, 5th René Descartes Lectures 2016, Workshop: “Science, Values and Democracy”, Tilburg, The Netherlands, 5-7 September 2016.
    “Getting Serious about Shared Features”, BSPS British Society for Philosophy of Science Annual Conference, Cardiff, UK, 6-9 June 2016.
    ​“Scientific and Moral Value Entanglement as a Challenge to Evidence-Based Policy”, Values in Medicine Science and Technology 6, UT Dallas, Dallas, Texas, 19-23 May 2016.
  • Teaching
    Winter Semester 2019/20
    • Philosophie der künstlichen Intelligenz (Philosophy of AI) (Leibniz University Hannover)
    • ​Introduction to Philosophy of Science (Leibniz University Hannover)
    Winter Semester 2017/18
    • Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy (Single lecture, Durham University)
    • Values in Science (University of Bayreuth, w/Erin Nash)
    Summer Semester 2017
    • Philosophy of Economics (University of Bayreuth)
    Winter Semester 2016/17
    • Does Capitalism Promote or Prevent Democracy? (Single lecture, Durham University)
    • Evidence-Based Policy (University of Bayreuth, w/Tobias Grohmann, Groningen)
    Summer Semester 2016
    • Evidence-Based Policy (University of Bayreuth, w/Tobias Grohmann, Groningen)
    Winter Semester 2015/16
    • Foundational Issues in Philosophy of Economics (University of Bayreuth)
    Summer Semester 2015
    • Foundational Issues in Philosophy of Economics (University of Bayreuth)
  • Scholarships and Prizes
    2018-19Royal Institute of Philosophy Jacobsen Studentship
    2015-18Durham Doctoral Scholarship
    2015-18AHRC Northern Bridge Studentship