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Dr. Anke Büter

Curriculum Vitae

Anke Büter studied Philosophy, Sociology and Applied Linguistics in Oldenburg, Stockholm, and Hamburg. In 2008, she graduated with a master's thesis on Truth and Future Contingency in Ockham (supervision: Prof. Wolfgang Künne/Prof. Rolf Puster). Afterwards, she received a scholarship from the German Research Foundation and did her PhD studies at the graduate research group of the Institute for Science and Technology Studies (IWT) at Bielefeld University. In 2010, she visited the PhD-program "History and Philosophy of Science" at the University of Notre Dame (USA). She completed her PhD in 2012 with a thesis on The Ideal of Value-Freedom in Social Epistemology: Objectivity, Pluralism and the Example of Women's Health Research (supervision: Prof. Martin Carrier/Prof. Torsten Wilholt). Since April 2012, she works at the Institute of Philosophy, Leibniz University Hannover as "wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin" (a position roughly equivalent to an assistant professor without tenure-track). She is currently writing her habilitation on the social epistemology of research on and classification of mental disorders. From January to June 2016, she was at the EGENIS (University of Exeter) as a visiting scholar, funded by the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service). For her paper "Epistemic Injustice and Psychiatric Classification", she was awarded the "DGPPN-Preis für Philosophie und Ethik in Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie 2018" (German Association for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics - Prize for Philosophy and Ethics in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy 2018).

Research fields

  • Philosophy of medicine and philosophy of psychiatry
  • Social and feminist epistemology
  • General philosophy of science (e.g., theory choice & theory pursuit)


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Teaching (at Leibniz University Hannover)

Winter term 2018/19

  • Feminist Bioethics (Master Seminar)
  • Introduction to Ethics and Philosophy of Science

Winter term 2017/18

  • Quine’s Underdetermination Theses
  • Nordenfelt’s Theory of Health (Master Seminar)

Summer term 2017

  • Putnam: The Meaning of Meaning
  • Epistemic (In-)Justice (Master Seminar)

Winter term 2016/17

  • William of Ockham – Meaning, Knowledge, Science
  • Philosophy of Psychiatry (Master Seminar)

Winter term 2015/16

  • Philosophy of Medicine (Master Seminar)
  • Thomas Kuhn: The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

Summer term 2015

  • Ordinary Language Philosophy
  • David Hume: An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding

Winter term 2014/15

  • Value-Freedom & Objectivity (Master Seminar)
  • Analytical Philosophy of Language

Summer term 2014

  • Concepts of Health and Disease (Master Seminar)
  • Scientific Progress

Winter term 2013/14

  • René Descartes: Meditations
  • Ludwig Fleck

Summer term 2013

  • Analytical Philosophy of Religion
  • W. V. O. Quine: Central Texts and Theses

Winter term 2012/13

  • Naturalism in Epistemology and Philosophy of Science
  • Feminist Philosophy of Science


Anke Büter
Institut für Philosophie
Leibniz Universität Hannover
Im Moore 21 (Hinterhaus)
30167 Hannover

Raum B 422 (4. OG)

Telefon: +49 (0) 511 / 762-3052
E-Mail: anke.bueterphilos.uni-hannover.de

Office hours

During term time: Friday 1-2pm.

Otherwise: by appointment.