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Leibniz Lectures 2013

Julia Fischer

Leibniz Lectures 2013: Prof. Dr. Julia Fischer

(Please note that links to the audio files of the lectures are provided underneath each lecture title.)

Prof. Dr. Julia Fischer: "The Evolutionary Origins of Intelligence and Language. Insights from Ape Research"

This year's Leibniz Lectures will take place on June 24, 25 and 26th 2013, from 6.15pm to 8.00pm at the Leibniz-Haus of the Leibniz University Hannover (address: Holzmarkt 4-6, 30159 Hannover). (Download further information here)

The Leibniz Lectures will be held by Prof. Dr. Julia Fischer. She is Professor of Cognitive Ethology at the University of Göttingen and head of the Department of Cognitive Ethology at the German Primate Center.

Under the overall title "The Evolutionary Origins of Intelligence and Language", Prof. Dr. Fischer will present three individual lectures:

  • June 24th: "The Evolution of Human Language" [Die Evolution der menschlichen Sprache] - Due to technical problems there is no audio file.
  • June 25th: "The Evolution of Intelligence in Apes" [Die Evolution der Intelligenz bei Affen] - Link to audio file
  • June 26th: "The Evolution of social complexity" [Die Evolution sozialer Komplexität]   Link to audio file

Please note that the lectures will be given in German.

Entrance is free, registration is not necessary.

For further information please contact Simon Lohse (phone +49(0)511/762-19392, e-mail: lohseww.uni-hannover.de)