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Arnason, Gardar; Nordal, S.; Árnason, V. (Hg.)
Blood and Data: Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects of Human Genetic Databases
Reykjavik (The Centre for Ethics und University of Iceland Press) 2004.

ISBN: 978-9979545934


This book presents a wide variety of viewpoints on issues related to genetic databases and biobanks. The authors show that there is a lively ongoing debate on ethical and legal issues concerning, for example, privacy, autonomy, consent, social justice, benefit-sharing and genetic discrimination. The public discourse on genetics and databases gets a special attention, with analyses of media discourses as well as public views and perceptions. The 43 papers in "Blood and Data" were contributed to the International ELSAGEN Conference on Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects of Human Genetic Databases, held in Reykjavik, Iceland, on August 25-28, 2004.