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Reydon, Thomas A.C.; Hemerik, L. (Hg.)
Current Themes in Theoretical Biology: A Dutch Perspective
Dordrecht (Springer) 2005.

ISBN: 978-1402029011


This book originated as a Festschrift to mark the publication of Volume 50 of the journal "Acta Biotheoretica" in 2002 and the journal's 70th anniversary in 2005. In it, eleven previously unpublished research papers have been collected that reflect the entire scope of topics on which "Acta Biotheoretica" publishes. "Acta Biotheoretica" is a journal on theoretical biology, published by Kluwer Academic Publishers, that has its roots in the Dutch tradition of theoretical biology. From the perspective of this tradition, theoretical biology is understood as encompassing a broad spectrum of disciplines ranging from mathematical biology to philosophy of biology. To reflect the Dutch roots of the journal, all papers have been invited from authors that work in The Netherlands. This book is aimed at an audience of theoretical and mathematical biologists, philosophers of biology and philosophers of science, and biologists in general.