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Philosophy Courses in English: Summer Semester 2016

The following courses offered as part of the Philosophy curriculum in the Summer Semester of 2016 will be taught in English.

  • Philosophy and Cognitive Science (Ph. D. Sheldon Chow, Wed. 12-14h)

  • Reason and Rationality (Ph. D. Sheldon Chow, Tue. 12-14h)

  • Personal Identity (B. A. Lucie White, Wed. 12-14h)

  • Public Reason and Biotechnologies (Prof. Dr. Elvio Baccarini, 4. April - 3. May, Mon.-Thu. 18-20h)

    For information about the courses, including locations, please consult the course catalogue that is published by the Institute of Philosophy (“Kommentiertes Vorlesungsverzeichnis”), the university’s online course catalogue, or Stud.IP.